My name is Yuliana Yusuf. Called “yeye”. I just tried to explore new thing, telling about my traveling and culinary in this blog. Basically, I like to travel to new places, atmosphere and experiences. Because, I believe every place tell its own story. Besides that, I’m obsessed with eating (only certain people know that lol). I have a fat talent guys 🙁 alias bakat gendut, so I reduce my appetite HAHA. But for this section, I will give information about the places that I think the food is very OK yea (based my experiences) and it means, “bakal banyak jajan woyyy :)” let me try! Hopefully, our tastes are the same yeaa haha.

Although my blog is relatively new, I try to make it can give something useful (information and recommendations) for those of you who want to do traveling and culinary in this world yea!hihi… Let’s make it happen guys!